About Us

Charter Plumbing, LLC is one of the leading plumbing companies in Wolfe City, TX, Greenville, TX and the surrounding area. When you need plumbing work done properly, whether it is as simple as a clogged pipe, or as potentially complicated and sensitive as a sewer repair; Charter Plumbing, LLC is the go-to in the Wolfe City, TX area for quality plumbing work done on a timely schedule. With many years of combined experience in the field, Charter Plumbing, LLC stands out from our competitors through our attention to detail and our dedication to using the best gear and the best techniques for the job every time. The team of professionals at Charter Plumbing, LLC understand the value of timely, accurate assessments and precise, effective repairs, whether it means saving you a drain replacement by breaking up the most resilient clogs, or saving your yard and driveway from getting dug up by giving you one of the highest quality trenchless drain replacements in the greater Greenville area. At Charter Plumbing, LLC we value quality work and prompt, professional service above all else.

We offer energy efficient products and water heaters that are green friendly!